Horses & Courses

The horse appears to have been so dear to the Aryan and such an important part of his life that often the men’s names included the word horse, eg Lohrasb (the owner of a fast horse), Goshtasb (the owner of a war horse)… On the metal and pottery utensils such as cups and vases that remain from historic times, the horse is often depicted. It is often said that it was the Aryans who first tamed the horse.


تاریخ ریاضیات در ایران

برگرفته از ایرانبوم.....ماهنامه چیستا (وهیشتا)، شماره یکم، پاییز 1383 خورشیدی، صفحه 21 تا 24

شادروان استاد پرویز شهریاری